Joumana Jamhouri




Joumana Jamhouri is Lebanese. She graduated from the NYIP, New York and is specialized in Industrial and Architectural as well as Landscape and Documentary Photography. She currently lives in Lebanon. 

Her clients include, among others, Sidem, Matelec Group (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and France), Cimenterie Nationale, Pikasso, Delmoon Group, Pepsi, Almaza, Tropicana and the René Moawad Foundation. She also teaches in this field at Saint Joseph University’s “Université pour tous”.  

Her work has been published in several magazines and shown in many individual and collective exhibitions in Lebanon, Abu-Dhabi, Mexico, Washington, Munich, Sao Paolo, Paris (“Paris Photo”) and New York’s prestigious MoMa.  

She has illustrated various books such as Nina Jidejian’s “Tripoli” and Help Lebanon’s “La Colline des Hirondelles” and contributed to Quantum and Dar An-Nahar’s “Independence 05, The Beirut spring”. She was commissioned to be the Photographer for the renowned Baalbeck Festival’s Program in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Her first monograph “Le Liban et la Mer” was published in December 2008.



There all is order, naught amiss:
Comfort and beauty, calm and bliss.
— Invitation to the Voyage - Charles BAUDELAIRE (1821-1867)

The discovery of photography has been a dazzling moment of revelation in my life. Here I have finally found a way to channel the wellspring of ideas, sensations and emotions that envelop and engulf me with their inescapable force and presence and thereon transform them into order and beauty.

To me, taking a photograph has never been only about reproducing a source from reality, but a means to explore the unknown, to perceive, if only for a fleeting moment, what some call the sixth dimension, to search for the ineffable truth that we name Beauty, Perfection, Order, Harmony and Love. In addition to that, it has also been a first, hesitant step to counter our existential solitude in this world, an essential attribute of our Being.

Why then industrial photography? Simply because an undiscovered, unexamined treasure lies therein. The subjects’ volumes, perspectives, colors, lighting, materials and the human factor in this unusual environment, all create unexpected contrasts and an atmosphere that inspire me quite a lot.

Having grown up in times of war, I for a long time felt it was the defining experience in my life. But it has no longer been enough to express myself through the prism of my own experience, my cultural roots or my chaotic but loving environment. Now, the goal is to transcend the chaos, master it and achieve a degree of serenity and contentment; to reconcile points of convergence and stability, sources of security with disequilibrium, a powerful impulse towards creativity. Above all, I harbor a passion to share this rediscovered beauty with the observer so as to invoke in him or her the emergence of these latent but powerful emotions. Photographic creation has always been my main path to achieve this; a means to engage the observer in an active and interactive dialogue.

In the light of this artistic journey I now bear the conviction that life is a continuous rebirth of our inner selves.